What is Biodest™?

Biodest™ – an effective fat destructor.


Biodest™ is the only biological which is capable of destructing fatlike compounds due to its specific destructive action. It is produced in Russia from Russian collection of microorganisms emitted from the soil. You can always consult a manufacturer on the issues connected with the technological process of biological appliance you are concerned about.

Fat deposits of animal or vegetable origin pose a great problem for live- stock product and catering product processing factories. Not mixing with water, fats deposit on the walls of pipelines, block waste streams and create a positive environment for microbial flora and putrefactive bacteria. The existing traditional cleaning procedures of waste streams from fatlike compounds are not effective enough. To cleanse and sanitize its premises factories are obliged to apply a large amount of chemicals and order costly services of third party companies. According to the existing health and safety regulations, any proteolytic flavor stated at a slaughtering house or a product processing factory can entail some serious sanctions up to the shutdown of a factory. Appliance of up-to-date biologicals inducing quick and effective destruction of fat deposits directly within drain system and collectors enables to cut costs on cleaning procedures which can be executed by a factory staff at any suitable time without pausing the main operating cycle.