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Logistics center

image003In accordance with existing regulations which came to force in almost all European countries and a vast majority of other countries, food production is to be controlled, i.e. food production consistent quality is to be kept and brand reputation maintained. The equipment and the center itself are designed with the appliance of cutting-edge technology for storage and processing.

One third of cold-storage chambers are CA-storage rooms which are perfect for decent long term storage of apples and some sorts of vegetables. Cold distribution systems by means of intermediary liquid (glycol water) guarantee easy, fast and accurate temperature control within the chambers as well as humidity level control which can be adjusted to the product.

To maximally reduce annual power costs, especially on potato storage, the center is stocked with the innovative temperature control system called “freecooling”. This system operates in consideration of external frigid air providing consistent humidity level control.

All the facilities will be operated via specific sensors and automatic control system regulating internal environment characteristics of the chambers, preventing potential emergencies and optimizing power costs. Cold-storage chambers will be highly adaptable to store various sorts of fruits and vegetables requiring specific storage conditions and temperature. This is vitally important for a potential range diversification.

Plans call for the appliance of the most advanced technological solutions existing in the international market. Vegetable processing lines implicate the following operations:

  • pre-cleaning and assortment;
  • peeling, washing, quality sorting, sizling;
  • packing in various containers.

As a result, it is planned to launch various types of containers such as crates, boxes, sacks, plastic bags and string-bags of weight from 1 to 10 kilos as well as the ones without any specific estimated weight. This solution will guarantee flexibility and multifunctionality of the system and its ability to adapt to fluctuating demands of the market.

The innovative approach of the project implies the annual output of fruits and vegetables of premium quality in an ergonomic packaging compliant with international up-to-date standards for the benefit of a consumer.

An authentic technical project is designed by “GREENTECHNOLOGY. Engineeringfoodprocessing”, a well-known Italian company responsible for more than 350 similar projects in 40 countries. The most up-to-date innovations and technological solutions of the modern industry are considered in the project. The equipment will be delivered by European giants such as “Zannotti”, “Frigotehnica”, “Siemens” and others.